24 things that I've learned in 24

This August, I already turned 24 years old right now. It's already almost a quarter year of the century since first time I cried. Like this picture of this moon which just covered by the dark in a quarter part. This picture taken by me when I used telescope.

Here is 24 things that I've learned in 24 :

  1.  Nobody's perfect.
  2. Praying to God isn't obligation, but necessary.
  3. Life is never flat like "chitato" LOL
  4. If you have a problem and someone else asks about it to you, doesn't mean they care. Sometimes, they just curious.
  5. Learning something new is until the rest of your life, not only when you're in school or you will be the most stupid person.
  6. Follow your passion and you will get your dream job.
  7. Parents don't always be right, sometimes they also can make mistakes.
  8. Crying doesn't mean you weak, it can heal your feeling.
  9. Childhood was a fun time.
  10. Forgiving someone who ever hurts you is hard but believe me you will get better than just keep your revenge.
  11. When someone was angry with you, never angry back with them. Because fire vs fire never solve the problem.
  12. Smile can fix your mood.
  13. Distance will mean nothing when someone means everything.
  14. When you have a big problem, just face it and believe that everything's gonna be okay.
  15. Position isn't everything, just do as the best as you can.
  16. Everyone is leader event for themselves.
  17. Never stuck in the same place, get out from your comfort zone and you will get a new experience.
  18. Sometimes disconnect with your social media is important to know yourself more than always thinking what people think about you.
  19. Be nice and another will nice to you too.
  20. Traveling isn't only taking a good picture and share with everyone where you are. But, traveling is time to enjoy the new place that you never been before and also the best time to grateful with God's Creature, especially when you see nature.
  21. Karma does exist. What you plant is what you will get.
  22. Doing sport and exercise is important to keep your body healthy.
  23. When your friend start to getting married doesn't mean you need to be hurry with that. Marriage isn't a trend or competition. Just enjoy the process! :)
  24. Never judge people by their look, because they're unique.

Today I already watched video in YouTube by Amanda Margaret with the title "18 things that I learned  at 18", so I got inspiration to make this in my blog. And this is the video :

And right now also I already realized that I am not teenager anymore LOL


  1. I do agree with your 24 points ky. Most of them are so right. And I'm so into with point 16 �� Thank you for touchy writings and makin me aware. Wishin in this 24, we can be better than yesterday�� aamiin.

    1. Thanks also already read and give the comments :)


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