Move On!

Let's we face the truth!
Sometimes life is never flat like "chitato", alright that's true.
Every one has their own problems, eg:
  • Love
  • Job
  • Friendship
  • Family
  • Etc
We can't escape from all the problems.
It's hurting also when some our expectations never gonna be expected.
  • I hope she/he love me like I do but not
  • I hope I can get better job but not
  • I hope my friends give me birthday surprise like I did to them but not
  • I hope my parents are not busy with their job but not
But we have to face all the problems.
Life without problems = no life, it's heaven

If you failed, start again!
Push the reset button in your mind and say "Hai big problems, I have Big God who always stay with me and never gives me problem that I can't solve!"


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